Customer Feedbacks

  • Lynn Kayne
    Liverpool , UK [United Kingdom]
    26 Apr,2016
    Delivery cost a bit excessive
  • colin gleeson
    luton , UK [United Kingdom]
    21 Apr,2016
    good value ,however I was not able to cancel the tracking fee for the fruit basket this was not made clear that the tracking was/or could not be cancelled
  • Imran Tahir
    Islamabad , Pakistan
    21 Apr,2016
    Excellent shopping experience. Easy to use web interface, timely confirmations and updates of order status via email.
  • stephanie gunney
    HARLOW , UK [United Kingdom]
    21 Apr,2016
    Cake arrived on the nominated day nice and early! The cake itself is absolutely delicious..
  • Margaret Bristow
    Essex , UK [United Kingdom]
    21 Apr,2016
    My requirements were met to at "T". Thank you so much.
  • Muhammad H Bhatti
    Karachi , Pakistan
    19 Apr,2016
    Great service as always. Thankyou.
  • lorraine northey
    NORTHAMPTON , UK [United Kingdom]
    15 Apr,2016
  • Mark Flessland
    BRAUNTON , UK [United Kingdom]
    12 Apr,2016
    My order was delivered promptly and in excellent condition. I ordered online from the US for delivery in the UK. The process was simple and straightforward.
  • Amanda Bellboddy
    SKIPTON , UK [United Kingdom]
    07 Apr,2016
    Dissapointed. Ordered on the Sunday morning, 'next day' delivery was for the Tuesday. On the day of delivery it was expected mid afternoon. However I received a message stating it was going to be late, by 6pm. However, I then recived a futher message stating it was not going to come until the following day. Ordered Sunday 'next day' received wednesday!!
  • Kate Lukyanova
    Milton Keynes , UK [United Kingdom]
    07 Apr,2016
    All great! Thank you for your work! Perfectly
  • sarah mcdonald
    ST. LEONARDS-ON-SEA , UK [United Kingdom]
    02 Apr,2016
    Excellent service shows you where your order is and what time it will be delivered so happy with the service
  • Elaine Williams
    DURHAM , UK [United Kingdom]
    01 Apr,2016
    Brilliant service even after I had a last minute delivery change to my recipient. Will be using this company again!
  • Atifa Nadeem
    Rawalpindi , Pakistan
    30 Mar,2016
    Very good and timely service. Never disappointed me.
  • Moon Khan
    Abbottabad , Pakistan
    23 Mar,2016
  • Heather Williams
    Leicester , UK [United Kingdom]
    23 Mar,2016
    The gift looked attractive and arrived on the correct day. Thank you
  • Colin Aitken
    HELENSBURGH , UK [United Kingdom]
    14 Mar,2016
    Was a gift but my mom and dad said it was delivered on time and was very nice
  • Daniel Bees
    RICHMOND , UK [United Kingdom]
    12 Mar,2016
    Nice and easy to order however was a little bit disappointed that the delivery was made a day after the intended day.
  • Oshin Sharma
    London , UK [United Kingdom]
    12 Mar,2016
    Very good & prompt service!
  • Maryam Ahmed
    Mirpur azad Kashmir , Pakistan
    06 Mar,2016
    Good and quick service
  • Susan Williams
    West Midlands , UK [United Kingdom]
    06 Mar,2016
    Used before and service this time was also excellent thank you
  • David Nkrumah-Buansi
    AYLESBURY , UK [United Kingdom]
    05 Mar,2016
  • Philip Everest
    WOKING , UK [United Kingdom]
    04 Mar,2016
    Comprehensive text message order status service; very pleasant delivery man and mother delighted with her hamper delivered well within the delivery time window
  • Tyrinna Seswick
    BASINGSTOKE , UK [United Kingdom]
    03 Mar,2016
    The ordering and payment process was smooth and straightforward. One thing that got really annoying was the amount of emails that came through, one after the next at every stage, far too many, almost puts me off using this service again if I'm honest...
  • Sue Kirby
    ATHERSTONE , UK [United Kingdom]
    02 Mar,2016
    Have now sent 5 gifts to colleagues with Express Giftservice and have been extremely pleased with the delivery information provided as well as next day delivery. Thank you and keep up the good work. PS Your delivery driver Andy has brownie points from the recipients of my gifts.
  • Shakeel Hussain
    Karachi , Pakistan
    22 Feb,2016
    Cake was damaged in what looks like the delivery process.
  • Anum Amin
    New Delhi , India
    16 Feb,2016
    Thanks for delivering product on the expected day. It was hard to trust for the first time, but you guys did a great job. Welldone! I ordered two products. Both were delivered at same time, nicely wrapped with a beautiful card. Thanks again for valuable service!
  • Heather Williams
    Leicester , UK [United Kingdom]
    13 Feb,2016
    The fruit lover's basket arrived when it was supposed to which was great. The gift recipient said the basket was well presented. Miss Heather Williams
  • Zareen Hamid
    Lahore , Pakistan
    11 Feb,2016
  • Emma Thompson
    NOTTINGHAM , UK [United Kingdom]
    04 Feb,2016
    Quite taken aback the service was fantastic.
    MINEHEAD , UK [United Kingdom]
    04 Feb,2016
    Recipient very pleased with delivery and product. Sender very pleased with overall service and delivery. Many thanks.
  • Samantha Gedsyk
    Aberystwyth Ceredigion , UK [United Kingdom]
    29 Jan,2016
    Amazing !! it looked better then I expected fast delivery and personalised delivered the next day . Thank you
  • Humaira Shafi
    Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
    29 Jan,2016
    I had ordered these flowers together with chocolates and instructed to deliver both orders together on same day. But flowers and chocolates were delivered on separate days which was disappointing. I had used this website in past for delivering order in Pakistan which was for one order and was delivered acc to instructions. Hopefully it will not happen next time. Product was ok as showed in the picture.
  • Shakeel Hussain
    Karachi , Pakistan
    18 Jan,2016
    Excellent service and delivered all on time.
  • Zain Siddiqui
    Karachi , Pakistan
    18 Jan,2016
    on time.. good
  • Joanne Wright
    SCARBOROUGH , UK [United Kingdom]
    15 Jan,2016
    Excellent thank you
  • Sameer Alrehaili
    Leeds , UK [United Kingdom]
    10 Jan,2016
    Fast delivery
  • Caroline Shelver
    HATFIELD , UK [United Kingdom]
    08 Jan,2016
    WALSALL , UK [United Kingdom]
    27 Dec,2015
    Very good service.Delivered on time .I ordered a month before delivery and was very pleased it was delivered the day I asked. Good value .Would use them again . Thank you for a great service .
  • Carol Subirats
    LANCING , UK [United Kingdom]
    24 Dec,2015
    Delivered in excellent time by a courteous delivery man
  • Carol Subirats
    LANCING , UK [United Kingdom]
    24 Dec,2015
    Great service - delivered early the following day
  • Therese Timoney
    Yeovil , UK [United Kingdom]
    23 Dec,2015
    Brilliant service & communication
  • Leslie Shephard
    WIMBORNE , UK [United Kingdom]
    23 Dec,2015
    Thank you for completing our order and successfully delivering exactly as promised. Your website is not really well designed for overseas customers, especially like us from Western Australia. We were never sure as to which time zone you were referring,and some of the emails should have been directed to the recipient in the U.K. Consequently there was confusion due to the distance between the UK and Australia.
    LONDON , United Arab Emirates
    20 Dec,2015
    It was a great service. They delivered the cake on time. I really loved the way they did the customized iron man cake that i've ordered.
  • Jane Harley
    Isle of Wight , UK [United Kingdom]
    17 Dec,2015
    Huge delay because delivery to the Isle of Wight involved a secondary payment and the notification / payment/ processing of this was clunky and way too long. a week for delivery in total and just too convoluted. There must be ways to get the website to work more efficiently!