Major milestones deserve celebrations. Reaching your tenth wedding anniversary is certainly worthy of revelry. At this point, you and your spouse have gotten to know each other deeply through ups-and-downs. You have built a life together, likely owning a home and raising a family. It may not have always been easy, but you stayed together and made things work. Let your spouse know how much you appreciate their presence and affection. Don’t just say it with words. Make the occasion extra special with meaningful gifts. Below are 7 gift ideas for your 10th wedding anniversary:

1. Fruit Basket

Start the day right by sending her a lovely fruit basket. This is a gift that will never go out of style. The basket will be filled with nutritious and delicious options that your spouse can enjoy throughout the day. Everything is guaranteed fresh, juicy, and tasty. Share them with the rest of the family! Note that the contents may change depending on the season, so you can also send this as a gift on other occasions knowing that it will be unique every time. Find fruit basket delivery companies that source their products from local farmers to help your community.

2. Photo Album

If you are feeling sentimental, then why not go back to your precious memories and collect them all in a photo album? Scan your hard drives and pick the best shots for printing. If you already have printed photos, then take them out of storage and dust them off. Purchase a nice photo album that can hold all of them. Create your own layout. Add drawings, messages, and commentaries. You may also coordinate with a professional photo album specialist for even better results. They can help you make a stunning gift that captures the highlights of a loving partnership.

3. Conversation Cards

Consider including conversation cards in your list of gifts. These contain around 50 to 100 prompts on a wide range of topics. Some packs are meant for long-time friends who like to roast each other or people out on a first date who want to break the ice. Others are great for married couples who want to rekindle the fire and rediscover their partner. Despite being together for ten years or more, there is still a lot to learn about each other. The cards may open topics that would not normally arise in daily conversation. Each pick can unlock a door to surprising information.

4. Family Portrait

When was the last time you took a family portrait? Young families are highly dynamic with so much happening every year. Couples can mature a great deal in a span of a decade. The kids grow up fast, as well. The family might grow to several members by the 10th wedding anniversary. You can take a formal photo or have an artist draw a caricature of everyone, including the pets. Find an artist with a style that you like. If you know how to draw, then you can make it yourself. Use a nice frame to elevate the visual impact.

5. Cruiser Bike

Health and wellness become more of a priority as we grow older. By the 10th anniversary, couples are likely to be in their 30s or 40s. At this age range, it is harder to shed fat and recover from late-night drinking sprees. Chronic pains and ailments may start to manifest. It is a good time to start developing good habits like exercise, if you haven’t done so already. Do what’s appealing to both of you and make it a shared experience. Cheer each other on. If you like to run, then buy matching running shoes. If you like to ride, then maybe a cruiser or road bike would be better.

6. Travel Map

You and your spouse have spent the last ten years setting a good foundation for the family. If you already have a nice home and substantial savings, why not start using some of that to travel the world? You don’t have to wait until retirement before you do the things you like. While you are relatively young, pick the spots you want to visit and take the kids if you can. At the very least, begin crafting your plans on a travel map. Install it on wall in your bedroom. Have a grand time marking your dream destinations together.

7. Bath Set

Married couples often make the family their priority, while their personal wants and needs become secondary. You may have noticed your spouse making countless sacrifices over the years, big and small. The anniversary is one of your opportunities to turn this around. Give your partner items that you know they would love, but would never buy because of the cost. For example, you might pamper them with a bath set that includes luxurious towels and robes. It might even come with premium soaps, bath bombs, scented candles, and essential oils.