Valentine’s Day is an occasion for showing your loved one just how much you care about them. Instead of resorting to the traditional gifts of flowers or chocolates this year, how about making the day extra special by considering the following seven unique Valentine’s Day gifts for the love of your life.

Planting a Tree

Instead of buying your loved one a dozen red roses, that will quickly wilt and be thrown away, how about planting one (or a dozen) trees that will last a lifetime? This year you can skip the flowers and choose the more sustainable gift of planting trees by researching the various organisations and foundations and having them plant trees in the name of your loved one (sometimes for as little as a dollar a tree). This is a great gift idea if the recipient is environmentally aware and particularly if they are also concerned about the effects of global warming since trees are great at removing carbon from the atmosphere. To make this gift even better, you could also pair it with a small Hoya cactus that you give to your partner as a memento. This cactus is especially appropriate because it naturally grows in the shape of a heart.

Fruit Hamper

If want to get away from the traditional flowers and chocolates as St Valentine’s day gifts but would still like an edible option, consider gifting your love a special fruit hamper on the day. Fruits embody sensuality in their shapes, taste and juices. As well as being healthy, many are said to have aphrodisiac properties so what could be more appropriate than a hamper of your loved one’s favourite fruits as a St Valentine’s day gift? There are a wide array of options available and you can choose the types of fruit you want to be included, even dried fruits if that’s your fancy, or chocolate-covered strawberries!

eBook Reader

If your loved one is a bookworm how about letting them indulge their passion for reading with a 21st device. There is a range of eBook devices available that are smaller and lighter than most physical books but will enable them to carry an almost endless library of books with them no matter where they are.

Handmade Scrapbook

Giving your partner or loved one a scrapbook that you have made yourself is a particularly thoughtful and intimate gift and makes a perfect place for you to store thoughts and memories about your relationship. All you need do is to buy a book consisting of blank pages and decorate the outside with brightly coloured decorative items (such as hearts, stars and flowers) to add your personal touch. Inside jot down some romantic thoughts about your loved one and include some photos as a reminder of times you’ve spent and the memories you’ve created together. Your loved one, expecting a book or similar, will instead be delighted to find your love story portrayed inside.

Love as Art

This is a somewhat risqué gift idea (it is certainly unusual) and it might be best for a couple that has already experienced intimacy. You’ll need to purchase a fairly large piece of art paper (or canvas) and a selection of paints to go with it. The idea is to spread place the paper down along with some daubs of paint in various colours and then to have a romantic interlude on top of it. Once you’ve finished you’ll have an abstract painting that has a secret only you and your partner know.

Personalised Items

There are a variety of companies that provide personalized gifts that you can give for St Valentine’s day. Some of the most unusual include socks and cushions that have an image of your (or your loved one’s) face printed on them. You can also have your special song’s soundwave turned into a picture printed in different colours and onto paper or canvas. There are many other personalized items (including bobbleheads) that you could give as a St Valentine’s day gift.

Give to a Favourite Charity

If you want to avoid the consumerism that is associated with almost all special dates these days, you might want to consider creating a handmade card for your loved one and include a donation to your favourite charity as a gesture that reflects the true meaning of love.